International Executive Suites Platforms

Introducing JustBeGreen Business Centers

Our Exclusive Clients

JBG Business Centers has created an international virtual communication platform, servicing 3 segment corporate networks. The JBG Business Center will provide all of their required closed-loop management systems and communication platforms which will be integrated throughout all levels of management .

  • JustBeGreen Villages America, LLC (corporate headquarters). (for-profit)
  • JustBeGreen LLC , (corporate headquarters)  (for-profit)
  • JustBeGreen World, Inc (corporate headquarter) (non-profit).

JBG Business Center’s Global Executive Suites

  • State of the Art Telephone Systems
  • Multiple Incoming Lines
  • Voicemail
  • Fax Lines
  • Access to Printers
  • Copiers
  • Postage Meters
  • Telephone Answering Services
  • Web Hosting &Web Master Services

This service includes the ‘Basic Package’ plus private phone number with professional telephone answering, 24-hour accessible voice mailbox, receptionist service and both incoming and outgoing fax service.

  • Professional Receptionist and a Spacious Lobby
  • Lobby Directory Listing
  • Displays of all Business Licenses.
  • In-house administrative services and outside services are available.
  • We will also provide temporary services for longer timeline clientele for extended periods as needed.

Conference Room Access

  • Video Conferencing Access
  • Presentation Equipment
  • Virtual Communication Network Facilities and Services.

Other Services

  • Mail Handling and Sorting Services
  •  (Monday through Friday)
  • Janitorial Services and Utilities
  • Kitchen Facilities, Water, Coffee and Tea

High Speed Internet Access

    • LAN – Local Area Network
    • Multiple T1 Ports
    • Onsite IT Services

Corporate Management Services

ALL services provided via our business center’s integrated operational platforms will address each website components individual and collective protocols, processes and procedures via their closed loop portal

  1.  Integrated “Cross Functional” Management Support
  2.  Global Communications Systems
  3.  International Banking Systems
  4.  Integrated Auditing Compliance and Accounting Services
  5.  ISO 9000 Compliance Certification Services
  6.  Governmental compliance related management systems
  7.  Financial Services and Administrative Management Systems
  8.  Global Marketing Platforms
  9.  Project/Development and Management Support
  10.  Purchasing, Logistics, Human Resource Management Support
  11.  Global “Virtual Classroom” Communication Systems
  12.  Communications Network interface with Universities, Colleges, Trade Schools and Local School Systems
  13.  Overall Quality Control Systems

Global Communication Platforms

The JBG Business Center will be the central communication platform which will help provide the required support systems for each of our JBG websites.  As each of our vertically integrated website components within the JBG Brand evolves, all the above will be linked to a central database. The JBG Business Center will be the conduit for a global educational and communications platforms which will help support and enhance all of clientele’s endeavor’s operational needs.